Pictures from the past......

Here we present a series of photographs taken in and around Totnes mainline and Totnes Riverside (Littlehempston) stations. Unfortunately we do not have all the details of who or when they were taken, and therefore present them purely for the interest of our viewers, of how things have changed over the years. The details we do have may be viewed by hovering your cursor over a picture or by clicking on a picture.

Class 655 Pannier No. 1747 arrives with a goods (from Ashburton?) at Totnes mainline. Note the changes to the present day station.  Circa 1925.  Credited to Lens of Sutton. (B107)
1638 "Dartington" enters Totnes mainline station with the inspection train on the morning of 4th April 1985.  Photo:  Roger W. Penny
Toller station stands derelict and abandonded beside the trackbed of the Maiden Newton to Bridport branch which closed in the winter of 1980. It had been disused since staff were withdrawn in April 1966. Date ?  Photo: Les Hawkins. (B123)
Dismantling the old Toller Station building. It's a fair bet the neighbours were pleased to see it come down.  Date ?  Photo:  ?
Easter '84 - Digging the foundations for the Toller building at Totnes - Photo:  Peter Treglown (B119)
Totnes Riverside Ian Dobson, Gavin Bishop, Peter Treglown and Rodney Parker working on the erection of the Toller building.  26th May 1986.   Photo:  Les Hawkins?
The London group members watch Barbara approach on a train from Totnes B.R. station.  25th May 1986.  Photo:  Les Hawkins?
The press special hauled by 1638 "Dartington" waits for the road out on to the mainline from Totnes Riverside as an Inter-City 125 pulls away from Totnes station - 14th April, 1985.  Photo:  Roger W. Penny

1638 leaving Totnes 1989.  Photo:  Alan Taylor
Still lots to do here. No other buildings yet, and including of course the path, to the as yet non existent bridge.  Date 1990?  Photo: :Les Hawkins
Jim Kelly checks the arrival time at Littlehempston Riverside.  May 1992.  Photo:  Les Hawkins
Inside the clerks office at Littlehempston Riverside now in full operational use. It is the first time it has seen revenue earning use since the building was at Toller in Dorset. Staff were withdrawn from there on 11th April 1966.  Date  ?  Photo:  Alan Taylor
The ex-Axbridge Canopy is still being built at Totnes.  27th February 1994.  Photo:  Les Hawkins
The Young Farmers put the spade and fence post bumper to good use. The trees are a bit bigger now!  Date: February 1994.   Photo: Geoff Peacock?
 Satellite alignment used to set in the stanchions to support the Axbridge canopy. The magnetic pull that produced a 5 metre high tide also upset the alignment by 2ft!  Date  ?  Photo:  ?
Adam Grogan, Nick Perring, and a number of Sea cadets, helping with erecting the ex-Axbridge Canopy. Date  27/2/1994.  Photo: L.S. Hawkins
Les Hawkins addresses the crowd under the canopy at Totnes.  Date 1996?  Photo: ?
1993 or 1943 Littlehempston Riverside during army weekend.  12th June 1993.  Photo:  Les Hawkins
After arriving with the 12.15 from Buckfastleigh, 5764 runs round it's train in the rain at Littlehempston to depart with the 12.50 return. Work on the second platform is in evidence in the foreground 11th June 1993.  Photo: Tim Edmonds
'Spot the bum'. Jim Kelly, Mike Thompson, Alan Tyrie - Remove the ballast after relaying the platform 1 road at Littlehempson Feb 1993.  Photo:  ?
Checking the earthworks for platform 2.  Tony Gist, Alan Tyrie and Mike Creasey.  Date: 28th August 1996.  Photo: Rev. David Hardy
The volunteers take a break.  Note the brick building behind the Wickham Trolley - this was probably Ashburton Junction box.  3rd December 1983.  Photo: Les Hawkins
Chris Stokes chases off an invasion of cows.   Date: 1989.   Photo:  ?  (B111)
The footpath is coming along......   Date 1993?  Photo: Alan Taylor
Littlehempston Riverside station. Vintage train in loop on occasion of the bridge opening 30th September 1993.  Photo:  Les Hawkins
Ian Allan unveiling the Worth Valley Railway plaque at Littlehempston station on 2nd October 1993. Photo: Les Hawkins. (B123)
Gavin Bishop guides the lower pipe section onto the bolts as Peter Clemo works the hoist for the Water Crane at Totnes Littlehempston Station. 10th April 1996. Photo: Les Hawkins. (B133)