Railway Vehicles at Totnes Riverside (Littlehempston)

We have a number of railway vehicles parked on tracks adjacent to the Main Platform at Totnes Riverside (Littlehempston). Some of these are owned by individual members, the Totnes Riverside (Littlehempston) group, and other groups of members. As with all railway vehicles fitted with wheels, these are subject to be moved from time to time, and may not always be available for viewing on a specific day.

12 Ton Box Van. This is the Totnes Group Mess Van. No. 766153. It arrived at the South Devon Railway approx. 1996, having been previously used as a Stores Van for the Weighbridge Specialists Pooley & Son.

The Monster. This vehicle houses a working model which includes Thomas, Toby, Stepney, Annie and Clarabel. The model is operated on a time switch, and generates an income for the Totnes Riverside (Littlehempston) Station Group through the donation tin in front of the model.

The Monster also houses a vast amount of books and magazines for a wide variety of interests - mostly donated by our supporters - and these are available for purchase by suggested donations. The vehicle is said to have been used in WW2 as  a mobile headquarters for General Eisenhower. Arrived on the SDR in January 1999. No. 594. Built 1918. There is an article in Bulliver 143 giving a brief history of the vehicle. Owner: Paddy Goss.

Mineral Wagon. BR 16 ton No. 592433

Two CCT vehicles (joined by a Euro Tunnel style coupling). Built in 1957. One is used as workshop for the Totnes Riverside (Littlehempston) Group, while the other is providing workshop facilities for the Signal and Telegraph Group working on the Ashburton Junction Signal Box. Nos. 889009 and 889015. BR Ferry Wagons. Their history describes them as Motor Vans, used as Barrier Vehicles. They were part of a fleet of vehicles and engines sent to be displayed at the IVA88 Exhibition in Hamburg. They are fitted with BSI couplers. They arrived on the South Devon Railway, by road, in December 2004.

One of a pair of CCT Ferry Vans based at Totnes Littlehempston.  Date ?  Photo: David Kelland

Renwick Wilton 5 plank wagon. Painted grey and lettered in black and white. There are two such vehicles at Totnes - 63078 and 108207 - which both arrived on the SDR (then DVR) on 20th September 1999. The one pictured below has been "lettered" as "Renwick & Wilton"  No. 107

National Benzole Fuel Tanker. LMS No. 27259

National Coal Board Tar Tanker. GWR No.7303.

Loco Carnarvon.  Built in 1934 by Kitsons of Leeds. Spent most of its' working life at Corby, before being purchased in 1969 by the Worcester Locomotive Society in full working order. She then spent a year (1969) working on the Severn Valley Railway and this included the Santa trains. Moved to the WLS base at Bulmers Yard at Hereford, before coming to the SDR in 1993. The collection box on the side tank is helping to raise funds to restore the locomotive to full working order.
This loco is now at Buckfastleigh undergoing a full restoration.

Coach Lisa. Currently sheeted down to protect it from the elements, and used as a store for the Summer Barbecue tents and chairs. 4 wheel GWR Mess Van No. 215.  We understand that the owner, Paddy Goss, is likely to be moving this vehicle to the Gwili Railway during early 2013.  There is an article on Lisa in issue No. 99 of Bulliver.  This vehicle left the railway 15th April 2014 for the Gwilli Railway.
Lisa at Buckfastleigh in 1972. No, that is not a railway water tower in the background - but something to do with the new A38 construction.  Photo:  John Brodribb.

15cwt Crane. Was housed in a protective tent while being repaired by the Totnes Riverside ( Littlehempston) Group. It is now on display behind the station.
No. 610 GWR Hand Crane.  The restoration of this vehicle is now complete, and it is suggested that it be entered into the Heritage Railway Association 2013 Competition. Unfortunately it did not win on this occasion, but further entry in the future is being contemplated.

Above: Pictured in September 2012.
Below: Previous pictures at Staverton and Totnes

Chassis of a 5 plank wagon.  No. 61063. No picture available at present.

Iron Mink. GWR Iron Mink No. 47528 or 59119.  This vehicle is currently the latest one to receive the attention of the younger members of the Totnes Group.  It is expected to be a very long term project.  Most of the steel panels will need to be replaced, and therefore there will be considerable calls on the SDRA Historic Vehicles funds - raised previously by proceeds from the Annual Draw. It is currently housed in a tented area behind the station.
The GWR Iron Mink 59119 (47528) at Staverton on 31/1/03
The Iron Mink in ex-works condition.  Date:  ?  Photo:  ?

Mica B.  No picture available at present.

DMU 3 coach set. Class 127. Power Cars 51592 and 51604, Trailer vehicle 59719. No picture available at present. This set left the South Devon Railway in February 2012, and is now based on the Mid Hants Railway.  Subsequently the two power cars were cut up at the Mid-Hants  Railway, and the centre car was retained.  It seems the vehicles were not cost-effective to repair.

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